Making technology work for the voluntary sector



IT Strategy

I work with voluntary sector organisations to help them understand their business objectives and then develop an IT strategy to achieve them.

Technical Architecture

I help voluntary sector organisations, facing complex technical projects, to identify the right architecture for their strategic technology aims.

Project Management

I tailor project management methodologies for the sector and run IT projects for voluntary sector organisations.

Systems Procurement

I run IT procurement activities for voluntary sector organisations, using formal methodologies tweaked for the sector.

Making technology work for the voluntary sector

Not for profit organisations are truly amazing places to work, packed with ideas, creativity, purpose and commitment.Technology can be a huge asset for voluntary sector organisations. Technology can deliver entirely new fundraising approaches, free up your staff, delve inside decades of data to find nuggets of gold, bring your donors, your staff and your beneficiaries ever closer. Technology can reach around the world to form powerful collaborations between organisations and let you punch above our weight.

So, why is it so often a bit of a damp squib? Why doesn’t that superb new web platform hook up to your shiny new CRM system? Why do suppliers still have to email response files? Why does every new giving platform have to be integrated differently? Why can’t you have the data you want, when you want it? Why do perfectly sensible questions about supporters seem to be so hard to answer? Why oh why oh why is this stuff just so hard?

Well, that’s where I come in. Of all the problems that I bump into again and again there’s one that’s bigger and uglier than all the others put together, and it’s my job to help you avoid it. Many years of experience of working on IT systems of all size, shapes and colours has taught me that if you don’t think wider and consider how the People, Processes, Information and Technology work together as one, single, complex system you’re saving up pain for later. You can’t change one without impacting the others and a weakness in one area will reduce the overall benefit you hoped for.

I offer a range of consultancy services to help you set your IT strategy, define your technology architecture, manage projects and procure IT systems.

I know technology, I know the voluntary sector, and I know how to put the two together.



Sushma Sangyam

Corporate Communications Manager at Nuffield Trust

“Kit worked on Nuffield Trust’s database project, supporting us to secure the right product and right supplier. Without Kit we would not have made the progress we did and secured engagement from staff across the organisation. Kit provides a crucial balance of technical knowledge, project management expertise and he also makes complex IT requirements understandable. He takes the time to understand the organisation and people he is working with. He has a positive attitude and is easy to work with. I am very happy to recommend Kit and would work with him again in the future”

Glen Dormieux

Nurturing a new technology start up

“Highly knowledgeable Architect that delivered a solution that went above and beyond. He brought a level of expertise and commitment to the project of the highest calibre. We also needed a guy that was inventive and I’m happy to say we found that in Kit.”

Sarah Exton

Information and Future Technologies Manager at St. John's Foundation

“In May 2015 Kit worked with me to develop an ICT Strategy for St John's Hospital. The project was delivered on time and within budget. Kit's personable manner and expert technical experience resulted in a piece of work that will help shape the way that technology helps us deliver our charitable purpose.”

Peter Aandahl

Business Intelligence Manager at Greenpeace

“Kit is extremely good at understanding your needs quickly and with a very positive and enthusiastic approach he quickly delivers the results you wanted and more. He is also a delight to work with, excellent sense of humour and very good with people”

Michelle Woodward

Head of Communications and Fundraising Services at WWF-UK

“Kit is working with us on a project of great strategic significance to the organisation as a systems engineer and project manager. Without his help, guidance and support we wouldn’t be as far as we are and would certainly be less organised. Kit works with a variety of stakeholders internally and externally and manages to communicate at all levels and levels of IT knowledge; he is respected by all who work with him here. Kit is, quite frankly, great. In my opinion any organisation with ICT projects, should have one!”

Caroline Burn

Working in parthership with the business to effect business change, with a focus on talent and skills development

“The great thing about working with Kit is that he gets it. Whether that is a technical solution to a new problem or how to deal with a wide range of complex stakeholders, understand their situation and win them round to the solution he has designed. He gets it and does it in a way that everyone wins and the right solution is implemented. I loved working with Kit because he genuinely combines technology and people like no one else I know”

Mark Foden

Director of Foden Grealy Limited

“I have spent nowhere near enough time working with Kit. He is a hugely talented systems engineer who can make things happen. He has the knack of putting complicated stuff within mortal grasp and so enable the vital connection between technical and business folk. He is also an extremely nice bloke”

Prakash Kelshiker

Head of Data & Insight at Reward

“I worked closely with Kit for four years before our careers sent us off in different directions. Eight years later I was looking for a partner for a joint project, and his was the very first name that came to mind – that should tell you how highly I rate him, and how delighted I am to be working with him again. Kit is quite simply one of the smartest people I have ever worked with. He has an amazing practical ability to get bits of database and Internet technology working together. But he is more than just a technologist (and much, much more than a mere hacker). His solutions are built on best practice architectural principles, and are designed to evolve as your organisation’s needs change. If you’re looking for guidance on how your organisation could be making best use of technology, and if you can get him on Skype, then a conversation with Kit is time well spent”

Susie Wright

Digital communications consultant, coach & facilitator at s-t-m

“Kit is extremely knowledgeable about technical things but also has that rare ability of being able to talk about them in ways that non-technical people can understand. He is also socially skilled, which can be rare in someone as technically adept. He has a real understanding of the not for profit sector and is able to bring his knowledge and experience of the wider context to bear on the particular needs of the charity/nfp world. He also understands that technical development is never just that, and knows that thinking strategically and helping organisations manage change is a significant part of the process, too. He is very well organised, always punctual, delivers everything on time as promised and manages to be both professional and relaxed – no mean feat. He works quickly and efficiently and would be a great choice of consultant for any project relating to technology. I highly recommend him”


For larger projects or for those with specific needs I work with these folks - all people I respect, trust and have fun working with! So, here's the rest of the team...


Susie is a digital communications consultant with 20 years’ experience. As well as strategic development, digital writing & editing, training, and all aspects of digital comms including social media, she also offers facilitation and solution focused coaching. She has worked with a wide range of charities including: Amnesty International, Mind, Action for Children, Refugee Council, Send a Cow, Muscular Dystrophy UK and WWF

Angus Fletcher

Angus has 25 years experience working with the voluntary sector. He has occupied the roles of IT Director, Fundraising Director and Project Manager. Over the last 5 years he has expanded his range to include individual and coaching, facilitation, and training. Angus has coached directors of international charities, run management training courses and assisted in conflict resolution work. He is passionate about recognising the importance of team alignment when delivering structured projects. Accredited Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Organisational & Relationship Systems Coach (ORSCC), NLP Master Practitioner, PRINCE2 Practitioner.

Peter Karas

Peter is a developer with 20 years experience in systems development, integration and development. Working for clients such as BT, Vodafone, HMRC and TfL Peter has worked as a developer, designer, tester, team lead and project manager; anything to get the job done ! He has a particular interest in methodologies that enable business to work in close harmony with development teams, and enjoys working with teams to facilitate better communication as part of development process.


Dennis, founder of the Anel Development Company, has over 20 years’ experience in coding and Rich Internet Application development. He has a proven background in successfully managing all facets of web application development; from initial design and application architecture to site deployment. He is a talented user interface developer with excellent problem-solving skills and strives to make computers more human, not just user friendly.

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